Internet Marketing For Sports Teams

Discover How To Increase Attendance And Overall Profits For Sports Teams Through Intelligent Application Of Internet Marketing

If you are an owner, team executive or league executive of any sports and entertainment entity then welcome to this website.  This site exists to help you, the sports executive, begin to discover how you may increase your business’ overall profitability by using intelligent online marketing and online revenue generation.

Even though this site is called “Baseball Internet Marketing”, it is applicable to any executive or decision maker in:

  • professional baseball, including Minor League Baseball and the independent leagues
  • summer collegiate baseball leagues
  • college sports
  • professional indoor football
  • professional wrestling
  • mixed martial arts and boxing
  • hockey
  • basketball
  • business entities for individual sports such as cycling, rowing, archery, etc.
  • every other sports business needing enhanced profitability

Here is a short video (recorded at the end of 2011) to help you gain just a glimpse of the new revenues that your team or league can generate, as there are over 40 methods in which most teams and leagues are not yet generating a penny:

A recent thorough analysis of virtually every major professional minor league and collegiate-level sport has confirmed that these entities are not taking full advantage of their online properties (e.g. website, social media, video-sharing) to enhance profits.  Most sports business entities also are not taking advantage of opportunities to get their upcoming games, matches, and events in front of their desired audiences where the prospective attendees are spending time every day.

Most Of These New Sports Revenues And Opportunities To Get In Front Of New Fans Are Virtually No Cost

Obviously, you may be skeptical at this point. That is a good thing!

Your first concern, even after being convinced on the idea that there are lots of new ways to increase your sports entity’s overall profits, is the cost.  You want to know how much money and how much manpower are required to achieve these new revenues.

The best part is, very few have much of a hard cost.  Most are low-cost and do not take too much time to do.  Yes, some of these techniques even can be trusted to your seasonal interns and entry-level staff.

Here are some of your likely other concerns:

  • Will these techniques cannibalize my revenues in other areas?   Answer = No
  • Will these techniques force my sales staff to sell more inventory?  Answer = No
  • Can these techniques give me revenue 365 days a year?  Answer = Yes
  • Are these techniques just “bells and whistles” ways to sell more tickets?  Answer = No, most are brand new revenues which do not force your fans to have to buy more tickets
  • Do I have control to protect my sponsors, especially those with “exclusive” agreements? Answer = For the most part yes
  • Can I use these techniques to make money on current non-revenue situations like when my team goes on the road or during the off-season?  Answer = Yes


As An Executive You Can No Longer Think That You Are JUST “Local, Affordable, Family-Friendly Entertainment”

Most executives are in the lower-level professional baseball executive suites have been brought up with this core, underlying belief which affects their entire operations:  The teams exist because their SOLE purpose is to sell “local, affordable, family-friendly entertainment”.  Many other sports leagues, at various levels, have taken this philosophy to heart as well.  It affects who they hire, their daily operations, mission statements, and everything about their enterprises.

Unfortunately, that core philosophy is wonderful for the 1970’s and 1980’s.  While it is still going to be your “bread and butter” belief system, you NOW have audiences from which your team or league can generate revenues far beyond that 50 mile radius surrounding your stadium and arena.

Prospective fans from the other 49.9 states in the U.S. — and the rest of the world as well — can put money in your pockets if you offer them TRUE value.  These revenues, and the profits derived from them, can make the difference for your sports team or league when it comes to:

  • meeting athlete payrolls near the end of the season
  • having enough extra money to cover the travel costs
  • pay vendors on time instead of negotiating further delays
  • giving bonuses to employees
  • hiring more interns and game day staff
  • being able to attract higher-caliber athletic talent (if that helps draw in more fans)
  • increased advertising budget
  • paying off team obligations for the financing of new stadiums and arenas
  • increasing team valuations when ownership is looking to sell the franchise
  • any other benefit for taking the time to increase revenues and profits in non-traditional ways

Your Next Steps

There are three things you can do today to discover what next steps you can take to help your sports-related business:

  1. Watch the short video giving you just some of the 40+ new ways in which college and professional sports teams and leagues can begin to generate new profits (near the top of this page)
  2. Contact us for a customized review of your website, social media, and other internet efforts
  3. Read the blog (either click the link or read the categories on the side of the page) to read about situations where sports teams and leagues can improve revenues by taking advantage of certain happenings of which they are not yet aware regarding their “assets”

Thank you for your time and we hope that you enjoy what this website has to offer you.

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