Giving Local Sponsors More Value

In the previous post on local business directories being added to your website (see previous post here), we showed how sports teams at all levels (high school, college, minor league, independent league, summer collegiate league, etc.) can generate new revenues that never existed previously.  By leveraging your website’s search engine authority, your real world fan base, and your social media followers — not to mention any additional marketing on classified ads or pay-per-click — you can give your partner/sponsor a significant increase in attention in your local area.

How to make this more effective, however, is to do two additional things:

  • Add value to the search engine user or your fans when it comes to the specific topic
  • Leverage “updates” (or “posts”) versus fixed pages on your website to announce the new page


Here are two examples:

The Texas Marshals currently play in the 2016 Texas Collegiate League season.  Their main website has some hindrances to build out a local business directory from a technical perspective.  Therefore, they had an employee build out an official “fan site” on the WordPress architecture.  He added hundreds of local business category-specific pages, and split the directory by the two main counties.

In the Collin County example, there is a CPA based in McKinney Texas who wants to get more exposure in the nearby city of Frisco.  In order to help him, the fan site generates authority in the search engines and then added his content to the Collin County accountants page.  The content “adds value” to both the end visitor and to his practice’s goals by:

  • Linking to his Frisco-specific page on his website
  • Mentions his basic services
  • Includes a YouTube playlist he created which was optimized on his YouTube channel about Frisco
  • Mentions nearby towns in case people on the outskirts of Frisco are looking for a CPA or other services
  • Gives him a new link which he can share on his social media properties, likely to mention his support of the team
  • Increases the likelihood of getting the specific page to be treated with respect by the search engines due to including an outbound (external) link to a Dallas-region CPA society

Here is that page:


The other example is making a blog post (update) on the fan site which, in turn, links to the static page for a specific business.  In this example, a licensed counselor wants to increase her business.  Her office is located in Frisco, and she can serve 5 additional towns within a 5 mile radius.  Her page was set up in a similar manner to the CPA example mentioned earlier.

Using a WordPress post, however, the team was able to give its new counseling page (which has her contact information) more exposure.  Here is the post which links to the page:

Collin County Teen Counseling Added

Why would you do this and take the extra steps?

Here are the benefits of doing so:

  • Leverages the RSS feed feature of WordPress, and the team’s RSS feed has been syndicated to RSS directories needing fresh content about sports
  • The fan site is structured to automatically copy/syndicate any new WordPress posts (but not pages) to third-party social sites like,, Delicious and Diigo (social bookmark sites), etc.  These links back to the original blog post help build up search engine authority
  • Having the content appear on those third-party sites ALSO helps with direct traffic as certain people may start on those third-party sites to search for local business services, instead of using the search engines


Some other examples from the website include:

  • Making the phone number easily visible AND clickable for mobile phone devices (example here)
  • Linking to other social media properties (example here)
  • Linking to state regulatory/licensing agencies when appropriate (example here)
  • Include geo-tag optimized images (example here)
  • Include YouTube videos from nationally-recognized, “verified” YouTube channels (example here)


If you are interested as to how we can help you with all of this then you are welcome to contact us with your questions.





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