Monetize Every Visitor To A Sports Team’s Website

Virtually Every Website Visitor To A Sports Team Or League Website Can Put At Least Some Sort Of Money In Your Account

Did you know that an owner, general manager, or director of marketing now has a way to make at least a small profit on EVERY website visitor who visits a sports team or league website?  The profits per visitor may not be much (less than a penny), BUT the interesting aspect this is that this technique:

  •  will NOT interfere with ticket sales.
  •  will NOT interfere with online merchandise sales.
  •  can be accomplished so that your current sponsors won’t get angry.
  •  gives you 365-day-a-year revenue
  •  allows you to make money from a fan who visits your website yet will NEVER buy a ticket, hot dog or piece of your merchandise!

The concept is to use online advertising networks that pay you, the website owner, on a per-1,000-impressions basis.

Let’s say that the average website visitor comes to your sports team’s website home page.  From there, he or she will visit 4 other pages before leaving your site.  This generates 5 “impressions” (the home page plus the 4 other pages).  200 such visitors would generate 1,000 impressions (200 x 5), so you would earn a payout through the advertising network (broker).  Depending on your website’s overall “authority” scores AND how often your website visitors click on one of these national ads, your payout could range from $0.30 to over $1.00 per 1,000 impressions.

There are some factors specific to your sports team’s website, but the general revenues would play out as in this example:

  • Your team generates 300 visitors a day on average, including the off-season
  • Each visitor generates 5 page views (impressions) on average
  • This equals 1,500 impressions, assuming that the advertising web code is on every page of your site (even if tucked near the bottom corner)
  • Every 2 days, you would generate 3,000 impressions which qualify for payout
  • At $1.00 payout (to the team) per 1,000 impressions, you would generate $3 every two days
  • At the end of the year, you would have received over $500 for placing ad code in your website in an area which otherwise would have been “dead space”
  • You don’t have to go sell this ad space as the ad network already has done this for you! They are constantly looking to find high-quality websites (like your team’s site) to place these “billboard” types of online ads

The best part is if you can negotiate a higher payout, get more visitors to your website, or have your visitors average more page views (impressions) per visit, then your payout goes up.  You can increase the number of visitors to your website by:

  • search engine optimization for BOTH local and national phrases
  • more posts on your social media properties linking back to a page on your website which has something of value –> this means that your fans would be more likely to share the content, thereby increasing visitors
  • more value-added e-mails to your fans with links in the e-mail newsletters pointing back to a page on your team’s website
  •  more media mentions in your local market

You have to know which ad networks to consider, so please contact us for help.  We will provide you with customized links to quality networks that likely will accept your request to be a “high authority website” on which they can place their clients’ online ads.

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