This page serves as a list of resources to help you with different areas to increase online-related revenues for your sports marketing efforts.  The resources will help you increase the odds of:

  • boosting attendance to your next live events
  • keeping your sponsors happy by giving them more local and national exposure
  • monetizing your unsold inventory (online radio, PA, game program, team card sets, video live or streaming, signage, etc.)
  • leveraging the likeness and images of your athletes
  • leveraging photos of fans taken during your events and games
  • taking advantage of website traffic which never buys a ticket or merchandise
  • much more

These resources are provided to you as a resource, so you assume all risks and liabilities for visiting any site listed.  Thank you for your understanding.

Revenues Specific To Professional Independent Baseball Teams

You now have an opportunity to make money on the constant calls and e-mails for upcoming tryouts.  Likely, your staff is getting calls and e-mails every day to find out about tryouts.  Let these prospective players be notified of all of the upcoming independent baseball tryouts, yet you can now monetize these calls and website visits even if the players never show up to your tryouts.

If you are familiar with Clickbank, the online digital retailer, then sign up to promote the pro baseball tryouts notification service with your Clickbank ID for free here:

All professional independent baseball teams and league offices now have a brand new revenue steam which does not require the sale of anything, let alone having to sell an extra ticket or beer.  Each team now gets a web page which contains a rotating daily trivia question related to the history of independent baseball (1993 onward).

Each team or league office is permitted to add per-click ad revenue code, Amazon affiliate links or other revenue-generating links above and below the trivia question section on its specific page.  The team or league can promote this new page via:

  • a link to the specific page on the official team or league website
  • through daily Facebook posts
  • through daily Tweets
  • via the e-mail newsletter to fans
  • through a QR code handed out to fans
  • any other manner

Independent baseball teams and leagues are welcome to check out the trivia site and their current pages at:

Revenues For All Sports Teams And Leagues

Now you have the option to make money on all of your website traffic, including any spot where you cannot sell an online sponsorship ad placement.  Get paid per 1000 page views, regardlesss of whether or not an advertisement is clicked — and you should have control to prevent certain ads from appearing.  Get the no-cost widget code and make revenues per 1000 website page impressions starting here:

  • How to turn your Site into a Profit Maker.
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If you want to “give away” tickets on your slow nights then you now have a way to give away a PDF (or voucher) online for multiple tickets (e.g. a “family 4 pack” on a Tuesday night baseball game) in return for the fan who wants a retail product anyway.  The fan may want to try out Netflix, order flowers for gift, or any number of other products unrelated to your sport.

So the fan may wish to get those products AND simultaneously get to attend your next game for “free”.  If you are familiar with this concept of online marketing (CPA) then click the link.  If you are not familiar, but would like the benefit of “giving away” tickets and actually making money, then be sure to contact me.

TrialPay Referral Program

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