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Sports Team Website Inventory Now Available For Marketing Your Sports-Related Or Local Business

During the first week of January 2014 we secured an agreement to help two parties solve a longstanding problem.  The deal is an independent professional baseball league and its member teams.  The two parties who have had a longtime problem are:

  1. Professional sports teams who have lots of “white space” on their archived game results and news pages from 2013 and previous seasons.  They have not figured out a way to monetize these pages on their websites which no longer get any significant traffic
  2. Those who make decisions for sports-related businesses that wish to increase their exposure in the search engines.  This is especially true for “second tier” and “third tier” companies in businesses like sports equipment who have terrific products, but they just can’t seem to get more search engine exposure as compared to the “first tier” companies and those spending thousands of dollars each month on pay-per-click advertising

{{NOTE:  If you are a professional or college sports team and wish to begin to leverage your website’s “white space” better – in order to improve profitability – then you are welcome to contact us privately.}}

A Simple Solution To Begin To Solve This Problem

One simple solution is to have the sports related businesses (equipment, apparel, memorabilia, team merchandise, training advice, fantasy tours, etc.) become more “artful” in their search engine approach.  First, the business should have a unique page on its website or other web property (e.g. a YouTube video) which is optimized for 1-2 keywords which:

  • are indicative of a “buyer” or at least someone likely to do business with you in the near future
    • Example:  a baseball equipment company may want to rank # 1 for the keyword “red and white batting gloves free shipping”
  • has some form of quantified demand (e.g. Google Keyword Planner, Wordtracker analysis, etc.), but….
  • the keyword phrase doesn’t have a lot of “properly optimized” competition in the search engines

This is a great scenario because it can lead to you getting brand new customers, who have never heard of your business previously through any marketing or any “word of mouth referral”, to consider doing business with you.


… Because you are giving the customers exactly what THEY want through a medium (e.g. the search engines or YouTube) that they TRUST.

“That’s Great And All, But How Does My Business Benefit From Your Arrangement?”

This is a great question!  Remember that both parties share a common desire:  making more money and leveraging “untapped opportunities” without having to learn how to become advanced online marketers.  Remember that the untapped opportunities are:

  1. Professional and college sports teams, whose staff control the official websites, do not know how to monetize these old pages
  2. The sports-related businesses do not know how to find, and then rank well for, the in-demand “buyer” keyword phrases which have low competition

This is where we at Baseballinternetmarketing.com step into the equation.

The “Hidden Oil And Minerals” For Each Sports Team’s Website

The early 2014 arrangement we secured took place in Dallas, so let’s use a Texas-based reference.  In December 2013, Baseballinternetmarketing.com analyzed the website of every minor league baseball team (MiLB and independent) from a search engine optimization (SEO) perspective.  Our analysis showed that EVERY official team website is sitting on “hidden oil and minerals”!

This means that each sports team’s website has a huge amount of potential to bring in money.  This potential, however, is something that the teams just don’t yet understand to a large degree.

When it comes to the SEO benefit, what you have to understand is that every team’s website pages (that are in front of a password) have quantifiable amounts of “authority” which can be harnessed.  In the online marketing industry, there are objective SEO authority metrics/values which can quantify how “authoritative” any page on the web is.  Some of these metrics include:

  • PageRank
  • Moz Domain Authority
  • Moz Page Authority
  • Majestic SEO’s Trust Flow/Citation Flow
  • AHREFS Domain Rank and URL Rank
  • (many others)

When it comes to a sports team’s archived news pages, the teams don’t realize that nearly each individual old page:

  • benefits from the home page’s authority
    • such as being linked to from Wikipedia, major sports news outlets, the local chamber of commerce and visitor’s bureau, the local newspaper links, etc.
  • has been shared, “liked”, re-tweeted or mentioned on other social media at least a few times by friends, family, the players, local media, etc.
  • often has a good amount of SEO “authority” (PageRank, Page Authority, etc.) for the actual archived page

What all of this means to the business wanting more search engine exposure is….

… getting your link on these archived pages can help you boost your exposure in the search engines and possibly get direct traffic to your site!

“How Does A Sports Team’s Old Web Pages Help My Business Make More Money?”

Again, a great question!  What you want to increase your exposure in the search engines is to have your specific optimized page (for a particular product or service you are selling) to get “endorsements” from around the web.  Getting “likes” and re-tweets of that SPECIFIC page likely is tough for your business to get on a consistent basis.  Often, you cannot get a major sports news outlet or Wikipedia or other high-quality websites to link to your specific page as an “endorsement” of that specific product.

But having an actual pro sports team link to your SPECIFIC desired page (which is optimized) may be terrific for you because:

  • There is “relevance” –> a sports team is linking to a sports/recreation/entertainment business
    • This also works for everyday local businesses wanting more search engine exposure which operate in the same state as the particular sports team
  • The page where your link will be found has actual authority, and it already has been liked/re-tweeted and linked to by local newspaper sites, etc.
  • You can control the actual text of the keyword link.  If you are sophisticated already in your SEO efforts then you know that this is called “anchor text”; and having the right ratios of anchor text can help you outrank your competitors in the search engines

“Okay, I’m Intrigued A Little Bit.  What About My Costs Though?”

What makes this interesting to you, as the business owner, is that you can set a budget and get your link(s) spread across multiple team websites (and I.P. addresses) for a small monthly cost.  Since the teams currently are making zero on these old pages, you can get access for relatively low monthly costs.  Please contact us with your budget constraints and you likely will be surprised at how low each link’s monthly rental cost will be.

Each link’s cost will vary slightly based on which specific page your link gets placed.  If you have specific SEO authority metrics then please send those to us and we will let you know if any of the available inventory matches your needs.  If so, we will send you some example pages for you to review and make sure that you are comfortable that your link will benefit your marketing efforts.

“Recap The Big Picture For Me”

Certainly!  If you were to advertise in a sports-related magazine, your primary focus is to get in the print magazine to be in front of real “human eyeballs” each month.  The price you pay to the magazine is done to help you get exposure to current readers this month and have them contact you.  Your link on the magazine’s website, and the associated search engine benefits you receive are secondary.

What we are discussing is the OPPOSITE of that.  If you want to rank better in the search engines for “buyer phrases” then your primary audience in this case are the search engine robots/spiders.  Any actual human readers who visit your site directly from these links will be “icing on the cake” in this case.

Again, we are dedicated to helping sports/entertainment/recreation businesses improve their profitability by improving rankings in the search engine results for “buyer” keyword phrases.  One way to improve your bottom line, and beat your competition, is by having a combination of:

  • an optimized page on your website (or video channel)
  • high-authority, relevant pages linking to your specific page and/or video

That is why all of this benefits you.

“Okay, I Am Willing To Take A Chance On This To Help My Business Improve Profits.  What Is My Next Step?”

All you have to do is contact us with your needs.  If you are familiar with search engine authority values then we can discuss what minimums you need in terms of links, anchor text ratios, Domain/Page Authority, etc.  Also provide us with a few of your desired keywords and the pages which you want to see improve in the search engine rankings.

If you are not familiar with these terms then no problem!  Just let us know the type of buyer you want to attract year-round in the search engines.  We then can come back to you with various options, including a “tiered” structure where you test us out.  If you like the results then you are welcome to go to the next “tier” and scale up your efforts.

If you are a professional sports team or college sports team, and you wish to learn more about how to monetize your team’s website in brand new ways then contact us.  There are many more ways that your website (and other web properties0 can be leveraged to bring in money year-round that you are not doing currently.

Thank you and please contact us with your questions.  We look forward to talking with you shortly.

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