Your Team’s Old Website Pages Can Make You Money

If you are a minor league or summer collegiate league sports team owner, general manager, director of marketing, director of sponsorships/partnerships, or even the team’s webmaster then this post may of interest to you.

Your Old (Archived) Website Pages Have A Little Bit Of “Life” Still Left In Them

Let’s say that your team’s (or league’s) website has been around for a few years.  Chances are that you have in the news archives – or player archives – dozens (if not hundreds) of pages which no longer have any importance to you.  These pages could have been about items a few years back such as:

  • a specific night’s promotion
  • a player signing or trade
  • a fan-related story
  • something which brought you national attention

None of the pages of which I am mentioning are your current “money pages” such as your:

  • home page
  • schedule page
  • roster page
  • page giving directions to the stadium or arena
  • tickets page

So What Do My Site’s Old Pages Have To Do With Making Any Money?!?

If you said something similar to that then that is a terrific question!

A common theme throughout this website is that typical vantage point of an owner, operator or team executive deals with:

  • ONLY the physical world
  • ONLY the geographic radius around the team’s stadium or arena

What you must understand is that EVERY ONE of your team’s web pages – visible to the public – has possible inherent value at the NATIONAL level, even long after the specific event being given attention is long completed.  What this means is that your archived web pages MAY have some value to an outside advertiser in the DIGITAL world, even if a given page may not be dealing with something recent or in the near future.

How Is This Possible?

Whenever your team posts a news item, a player page or other publicly-visible content on the internet it may be referenced by other people.  For example, the local newspaper and local convention and visitors bureau may have linked to a specific page from their websites.  Alternatively, a player (even one no longer on your roster), his family and friends, and certain fans may have linked to a story about the player’s performance on a particular game.

Should there have been enough people linking to a SPECIFIC page, and if those links to that page still exist on the internet, then that specific page may have any/all of the following “value”:

  • actual traffic still coming to that page (your webmaster may be able to tell you if this is the case)
  • authority from Google (ranging from 0 to 10) called “PageRank”.  Any page with a PageRank of 1 or higher (for a specific page) has possible value to outside advertiser
  • relevance — especially to advertisers in the sports, fitness, family and recreation niches
  • authority from other internet web page analysis services such as Majestic SEO, AHREFS, SEOMoz and SEMRush
  • “social signals” – specific pages may have been “liked” on Facebook, re-tweeted on Twitter, “plus 1” on Google Plus (+), or been shared on other social media platforms

That’s All Great, But How Does This Make Me Money?

There are many types of advertisers who are looking to place their ads on websites like yours – official sports team websites.  They want to increase their profits through internet marketing and they see value on your website in a number of ways.

Obviously, most teams are conditioned to ONLY accept a flat-rate paid sponsor on their sites.  This is a limiting approach, especially for teams which didn’t have a great year revenue-wise.  By opening up your options regarding your website you have several things you now can do:

  1. Monetize your high-traffic web pages (roster, schedule, tickets, etc.) with the paid sponsors.  If no one in your local area or through your connections is willing to pay a “premium” for the spot then know that there are several advertisers willing to pay “market rate” (just not premium) for the same space on your website
  2. Create new pages to rank in the search engines, and then monetize them with affiliate programs, per-click revenue ads, per 1000 impression ads or lead-generation ads
  3. Sell links on your old (archived) web pages which no longer have any value.  You have to know which specific pages have value to a potential advertiser and then where to find those ad buyers.  They simply may want to put a link with specific wording (no images/banners) in order to give their desired page a boost in the search engines.  This is especially true for sports/fitness/family advertisers who want that page’s “authority” AND the relevance to THEIR website

What Is The Possible Impact To My Bottom Line?

This varies team by team, so the example given IS NOT any guarantee or expectation of actual results!

Let’s assume that your team’s website is 5 years old, has about 800 pages on it (including your news archives and previous players), and has links to your site from the local newspaper, city government site, Wikipedia, sports-related websites, etc.  A thorough analysis (please contact us for help on this) indicates that – not including your “money pages” (home page, roster page, etc.) – you have 90 pages which have enough “authority” to sell links.  Of those, 80 of them are on your archived pages or other pages for which you really no longer have any use.

Realistically, you should be able to get:

  • $3 to $10 per month PER LINK on the page, depending on its authority and any traffic.  Yes, this assumes that you won’t display and ads which conflict with your current sponsors!
  • You have the potential to add up to 5 of these links per archived page without causing any concern to your website or to your fans

Here is the math, assuming that you can attract enough buying advertisers to fill all of your inventory on the currently-unappreciated web pages:

  • 80 pages * 5 links per page = 400 links
  • Average payout per link per month = $5/month
  • Estimated revenue per month = $2000/month
  • Annualized revenue (estimated) = $24,000/year
  • Hard cost to do this:  none except for the manpower needed plus the know-how

Again, this does not account for additional profits to be had by placing per-1000 impression (banner/billboard) ads, affiliate links, revenues generated by per-click ads or those ads which pay the team a commission when a lead is generated.

If you do not have the know-how on this revenue method then please contact us for assistance.

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